Delta Coating Facilities
Fasteners probably have the hardest job in the world. And no wonder. They are constantly exposed to rain, wind, heat, cold and other weather conditions. And it goes without saying that these extreme stresses and strains call for the very highest corrosion protection requirements.

First of all, this “green" energy sector naturally calls for an environmentally-friendly, chromium(VI)-free system which is completely harmless to human health. Next, this industry requires sustainable and long-lasting systems, to reduce maintenance cycles and therefore keep costs down.

Our job is to apply the best possible zinc flake-based surface protection systems, which do the job in every respect.

With the system DELTA®-TONE as basecoat and DELTA®-SEAL as topcoat, our licensor Dörken MKS-Systeme has for many years offered a tried and tested system, which has become specified by all renowned manufacturers. More than 20 years of experience doing the job and continuous development make this successfully established product range into a veritable quality benchmark, when it comes to reliable corrosion protection. To underline this, Dörken MKS-Systeme has been acknowledged the certificate of Germanischer Llyod in 2012 for this system of DELTA®-TONE + DELTA®-SEAL proving its extraordinary performance in the wind-related application fields.
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